Young Entrepreneur Network

YEN is an online portal housing information and downloadable resources​ ​for Schools and Young Entrepreneurs whilst providing valuable connections to the Entrepreneur, Innovation, and Startup industry.


We've helped 35 students create 12 new viable opportunities!


Young Entrepreneurs

We've engaged with 42 young entrepreneurs and helped them develop and improve 26 viable opportunities of which 3 have been recognised as exceptional!


Lab Tours

We've toured 132 students and their parents/guardians through the Labs since moving into the Precinct in May this year!



We've had over 90 people attend our 2 x student demo day events!

School Resources

Lists of​ ​entrepreneurial programs available to schools, with content overviews and contacts of providers and facilitators

Local Mentors

Local area mentors (with the right credentials and blue cards) with expertise in specific topic areas

Local Ecosystem

Lists of local ecosystem providers i.e. co-working spaces, service providers

Greater Engagement

The ability to enable greater engagement from parents attached to schools!

Collaborate & Learn

YEN helps teachers and students to collaborate and learn from each other

Programs & Profiles

Programs and profiles including successes of both students and teachers i.e. share the wins